Ozri Update: Not Just a Pretty Picture – Optimising Your Imagery

Imagery. Everyone has stacks of imagery sitting on computers, servers, DVDs and even still on shelves in cupboards. I know that many people ask myself and my colleagues – what do we do with all of this imagery?

Well this is one of their questions that Maree and I tried to answer in our Imagery session today. This is a big topic and Maree and I spent a long time sitting down talking through all of the different ways that we could approach this. In the end we decided that we needed to really leave everyone in the audience understanding their options, and also the ways that imagery can be optimised for viewing, data exploration and dissemination.

The focus of the session was definitely on mosaic datasets, with Maree looking at some of the advantages of the mosaic dataset, but she also spent a lot of time going through the ways of creating different types of mosaic datasets, from straight aerial photography, satellite imagery and even elevation data. Maree also has a lot of experience working with large imagery datasets and looking at the ways that they can be optimised and managed, including how to tune and optimise your network for handling these datasets.

We also did a deep dive technical section on pre- and post-processing of mosaic datasets, looking at colour balancing and orthorecitification. But of course, one of the big issues is how we can make all of this information available to people within your organisations, and potentially a wider more public audience. We had some questions on the best platform to share imagery through, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS Desktop or even a web map, and in the end it does come down to your needs and the needs of your end user.

Many of these topics have dedicated information sections on the Imagery Resource Centre, which is where Maree and I go when we need an answer or just ideas for different things we can do with the imagery we work with!

Kellie L.

To find out more about this presentation or topic, please contact us via email.

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