Ozri Update: Stream B Session Snapshot

After a quick break for morning tea we settled in for some more great presentations.

Sharon McAnelly from the Power and Water Corporation in the Northern Territory was joined by IBM’s Peter Burgun for a really interesting discussion of the Corporation’s Asset Management Capability Project – a transformational program to improve the Corporation’s asset management practices. Once implemented, the fully integrated Esri Australia, Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and Cognos TM1 Performance Management solution will greatly enhance decision making, as well as improving customer service, work planning, scheduling and execution. 

 The solution is sure to be a great help to the Corporation in delivering electricity, water and sewerage services to customers spread across more than 1.3 million kilometres!

Next up was Stewart Hay from OneSphere, who showcased the new integration between ArcGIS and ENVI.  Stewart spoke about how this integration will deliver advanced image analysis functions that will enable users to make the most of both GIS and imagery data.

Shannon W.

To find out more about these presentations or topics, please contact us via email.

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