Ozri Update: Stream B Session Snapshot

Friday morning has kicked off with some great presentations showcasing the integration of GIS with core business systems.

First up this morning was Levi Roberts from the NSW Rural Fire Service, who detailed how the Service uses GIS for incident control and bushfire risk management.  Levi spoke about the numerous web GIS applications they have implemented, and how they have been integrated with the Service’s business systems and processes.  It’s exciting to know that GIS is playing such an important role in the crucial role of bushfire management.

Up next, Bill Thomson from AECOM explored the relationship between GIS and Building Information Modelling (BIM).  Bill discussed how BIM technology has become an important tool in the building industry to manage a facility during its lifecycle, and spoke of the benefits of integrating spatial information with 4D-5D-6D asset infrastructure information.  With so much infrastructure being constructed around the country at the moment, there is sure to an increased focus on achieving seamless integration of GIS and BIM technology in the future.

The final presentation of the morning for Stream B was by Martin Rutherford from the Department of Defence.  Martin spoke about how the Royal Australian Navy is working to make maritime environmental information easily available to Defence users.  Martin discussed the progress so far towards this goal, and shared some examples of the information they will be making available for Defence users covering the hydrographic, geophysical and meteorology domains.  It’s great to see that the vast amount of maritime spatial information that is collected – both new and historical – will be made more accessible through this work.

Shannon W.

To find out more about these presentations or topics, please contact us via email.

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