Ozri training wrap up

It was great to catch up with everyone at Ozri, it’s always good to hear what everyone has been up to throughout the year.  Melbourne put on great weather too which is always nice 🙂

I had a number of people come to me with questions about training and certification during the conference. So… just in case you’ve been wondering the same thing I thought I’d share these with you – the top 5 Training FAQs from Ozri 2011!

Will Esri be teaching the Esri Technical Certification: Skills Review in Australia?

Yes, we are planning to add the two Skills Review courses to our program early in the new year. We will make an announcement through the Training Bulletin and on the website.

How can I prepare for the exams?

Head to the dedicated Esri Technical Certification page and click on the exam you’re interested in. Each exam has a main page where you’ll find a basic overview of the exam. Click on each tab to read more detail about the exam, including exam preparation resources.

 Skills Measured provides a comprehensive check list of all the topics that will be covered in your chosen exam, setting the context for the level of expertise the exam is testing.

Training Resources outlines online resources and instructor led training courses that would help you prepare.  It is likely that based on your experience you would have equivalent knowledge and/or practical experience across some of this content. There is no expectation that you should attend all the courses. Esri Australia runs most of the Instructor led courses listed, visit our website for more details.

When is the schedule for 2012 being released?

The new schedule for January to June 2012 is now up on the website.

I am starting to make a plan for training next year, is there a way I can pre-purchase training?

The Esri Australia Learning and Services Credit program provides a flexible way to budget for Training and technical advisory services. You can use the credits for both Scheduled and Client Site Training as well as Technical Consulting Services. Ask your Account Manager for more details.

Will you be running any workshops or training courses at Ozri 2012?

Absolutely! So tell us what you want to see next year. You can email us directly at training@esriaustralia.com.au

Laura B

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