Is 2012 the year to learn how to automate your geoprocessing?

If the answer is yes, then “Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts using Python” is just the course for you.

Over three days, it covers:

  • The basics of Python;
  • The ArcPy site package;
  • Compiling scripts using iterations and lists;
  • Incorporating ArcGIS environment settings;
  • Adding geometry;
  • Updating tables;
  • Tracking errors;
  • Building Python scripts to generate multiple-page mapping output (data driven pages);
  • And much, much more!

It is designed for beginners, and is for GIS users – rather than pure programming.

The course is being held in the following locations:

  • Perth and Canberra: 6 – 8 March
  • Melbourne: 2 – 4 April
  • Adelaide: 8 – 10 May
  • Brisbane: 29 – 31 May

Take the plunge and learn Python today!

Contact for more details, or read the Python Course guide.

Kath S

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