Your place in the Cloud

Chances are that many of you reading this are the “go to” people in your respective organisations when it comes to satisfying your community’s thirst for the great maps, apps, and data that you are producing. That’s great – it’s testimony to the great work you do, but there is a downside – you can end up servicing the same, or very similar requests time after time, and you can end up getting bogged down by the sheer volume you have to deal with.

I’d hazard a guess the community you serve, whether it’s internal staff, customers, or the general public, is also growing by the day as more and more people switch onto the value of maps and spatial. My observation is that along with this exponential rise in interest in all things GIS, there is a matching increase in people’s expectations that they can just access your “stuff” from wherever they are and it won’t take a degree in GIS to do it.

To a great degree, that expectation is driven by their experience accessing other high value content. If you think about Search, or News or Social Networking – the successful places to go on the web tend be associated with many of the words below.

Good destinations tend to be...

I bet your maps and data tick those boxes, but what about the piece that connects content with consumer? If you have one in place at all, does it share those same characteristics? Is it the place to go?

At the upcoming round of Directions events running during February and March, I’m going to be talking about ways that ArcGIS Online can help you deliver that “go to” destination that your community will keep coming back to.

ArcGIS Online is evolving rapidly so whether you’re completely new to it, or perhaps you’ve not looked at it for a while, I would encourage you to come along and find out more about this emerging pattern of Cloud GIS.

More information on the Directions events near you can be found here.

I hope to see you there.

Josh V

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