Training pricing. Simplified.

With each new release of ArcGIS, we like to take the opportunity to re-evaluate our training offerings, and look at how we can do things better and smarter.

A key focus of the recent 10.1 release is making it simpler than ever before to put mapping and geospatial analytics into the hands of more people.

In keeping with this simplification theme, we’ve streamlined our training pricing model, with all training courses now at the same daily price.  In simplifying our training pricing, the cost of the majority of our courses will decrease.




Why change?

By introducing one daily rate for all training courses, it’s much easier to work out how much an Esri Australia training course costs.

These changes have also allowed us to streamline our Learning and Services Credits Program.  All Learning and Services Credits will now be aligned to the new training pricing model, delivering you more training value per credit.

OK, but what is the effect on the individual course price?

The new simplified pricing model will result in 90% of our courses benefiting from a price decrease.  There will be a small increase in the price of beginner level courses, with a decrease in all intermediate and advanced level courses.

What does this mean for onsite training conducted at my organisation?

The new pricing model will also apply to the onsite training rate.  In fact, the advanced client site course rate will decrease by almost 20%.

When is it effective?

Now! We’ve already updated our training website, so you can take advantage of the new pricing straight away.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these changes to the training program.

Laura B

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