Live from the UC: Geography as a platform

It was a big day today with the Esri International User Conference Plenary session and so many exciting developments – some of which we have been sharing with you for a while, like ArcGIS Online capabilities and extending ArcGIS Online for your organisation. Things like Esri Maps for Office we have been saving to showcase at Ozri 2012, and we can’t wait to do that. But there were a few surprises during the plenary – especially within the 3D world.

I was blown away to see the City of Honolulu’s GeoDesign presentation. Not only are they using ArcGIS and CityEngine to look at the impact of population growth on their public transport network, they are also able to share this information with the general public and other planners through the CityEngine web viewer.  They even have a hologram of what the city of Honolulu could look like in 10 years time.

The biggest reason why I find this so exciting is that we can now truly offer you an end-to-end solution including a way to interact with the public. All of this is coming with a Spring release of CityEngine and ArcGIS Online, and we will be showcasing this and much more at Ozri 2012 only a few weeks away.

If you have a chance, make sure you check out the videos from the plenary, including Jack Dangermond’s opening address.

Kellie P

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