Live from the UC: Big data is GIS

IBM is a key sponsor at the Esri User Conference with solutions built with Esri Technology for Maximo Asset Management, Cognos BI, Crime Analytics using i2 and Smarter Planet (Smart Grid, Smart Cities and Smart Water) and now Big Data.

Ordnance Survey UK presented at the UC talking about their experience with IBM’s Big Data Appliance Netezza. Think highly optimised hardware, smart loading tools to manage huge volumes of sensor data, compression technology, in database analytics/operators and a propriety high performance database.

Ordnance Survey placed some benchmarks on query times using a traditional spatial database for a query to identify all beaches along the UK coast by measuring the distance between high tide and low tide mean marks.

This query used to take 2 wks in the traditional Spatial Database.  In IBM Netezza … 5mins.

This is just the beginning about the potential of Big Data for GIS. It isn’t going to replace your existing Geodatabase for Spatial data management but will help in the analysis and management of large data sets. The new native Esri types and deeper support for geoprocessing will give you just phenomenal scale to analyse your work and get deeper insight to make better decisions.

IBM Netezza will be at Ozri this year if you want to know more.

Francisco U

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