ArcGIS 10.1 – What does this mean for training?

ArcGIS 10.1 was released exactly two months ago with much excitement – but what impact does this release have on training?

Although it is a dot release, 10.1 is actually one of the most significant ArcGIS releases for some time. So while the ArcGIS developers were hard at work making 10.1 a “game-changing” technology, Esri’s training team was also busy revamping the ArcGIS training portfolio.

To get the inside story about how training has changed with the release of 10.1, we spoke with Krista Page from Esri Training Services.

EA: Has the approach to course development changed with the release of 10.1?

KP: Last year we conducted a comprehensive review of our entire instructor-led curriculum, and found some of the courses covered similar topics, but with a slightly different spin – which was confusing to clients. With one of the storylines of ArcGIS 10.1 being making things simpler, we decided to rework our training courses to offer a smaller range of more focused training courses to make it simpler to pick the course most relevant to your needs.

EA: The key Desktop courses (ArcGIS Desktop I, II & III) have new names. Is there more to this change than just a name change?

KP:  The way people interact with ArcGIS products and applications has changed, and the release of 10.1 will see this change even further.

Users can no longer be neatly divided into “desktop users” and “server users”. This has now changed to being users who interact with ArcGIS and GIS content in lots of different ways – and our courses need to acknowledge and support these multiple ArcGIS touch points.

The new 10.1 courses are designed to help you master key skills and best practices to visualise, analyse and manage geographic data across the ArcGIS system.

EA: What are the key changes to the Server courses?

KP: The Server suite of courses has been fully updated to mirror the architectural and use-pattern changes of ArcGIS for Server at 10.1. In a similar way to the Desktop courses, the Server courses have been renamed to reflect these changes – you can see the full list of these course name changes on our website.

The new Migrating to ArcGIS 10.1 for Server training course that will be available in Australia from November this year. This course will not only showcase the new features at ArcGIS 10.1, but will also provide the information you’ll need to start planning your server migration strategy back in the office.

EA: A frequent request from past course attendees has been to incorporate workflows into course content. Have workflows been incorporated into these new courses? 

KP: Many of the changes we’ve made to the way we deliver training are due to clients telling us what they need. The activities, discussions and exercises have been revised to support real-world workflows in which geographic content is create and accessible from many different channels – from desktop, server, online and mobile platforms – so that a wider audience can get and use the content when they need it.

The training course workbooks have also been redesigned to encapsulate the recommended workflows and best practices practiced and discussed in class, with more conceptual information and value-added content included.

EA: Are there any other changes to training with the release of 10.1 that you would like to highlight?

KP: The course design has also been refined and revamped, with an emphasis on an engaging, interactive class experience that promotes optimal learning application and retention. There’s more of a focus on group discussions and activities to support peer-to-peer learning – because we know that sharing stories of work challenges and successes holds tremendous learning value for the entire class.

EA: Thanks for the great insight into the course changes Krista.

As you can see, ArcGIS training is constantly evolving to align with not only the technology changes but advances in course delivery and effective learning techniques.

If you have any questions about what training course suits your needs, please email the training team, or if you’re attending Ozri next week, drop by the ArcBar and chat to one of our trainers about our new courses.  Don’t forget to check out our website to see the full schedule of ArcGIS 10.1 training courses.

Claire M

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