Bringing Mapping to Everyone

Ozri 2012

Today at Ozri,  John and I presented “Bringing Mapping to Everyone” which showcased Esri Maps for Office and ArcGIS Online for Organisations.

We thought about how to show this to our clients, and decided on the real estate industry. The presentation looked at four different tiers of the organisation, and how these products could be utilised to assist in business decisions. The real estate agent, the tenancy manager, the marketing executive and the executive board were introduced, and our presentation including everything from drag and drop text files into arcgis online, through to generating an analysis procedure for assessing potential sites for new branches of the real estate agency.

The key takeaways from our presentation are:

  • ArcGIS Online for Organisations provides a way to disseminate spatial information, without needing to be a spatial expert
  • Esri Maps for Office can give users a ‘seamless experience’ when making decisions. What they see in the boardroom stays in powerpoint.
  • A GIS Analyst is sometimes required to be the custodian of authoritative data, and can provide valuable spatial intelligence to non-spatial data.

I like to think of maps as ‘the New Graph’ – in that what you can see in a spreadsheet might be better viewed in a map.

Kath S.

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