Lighting up LiDAR

Ozri 2012

Yesterday we hosted an exciting pre-Ozri tutorial on the the use of Lidar inside ArcGIS.

Attendees were treated to a display of new tools for exploiting Lidar in ArcGIS 10.1. They saw how to create the new LAS dataset, how this can then be consumed by ArGIS to display seamless elevation surface, display the class code classifications and then see how this can be viewed in 3d profile.

Attendees also saw how the mosaic datasets can consume these LAS datasets to provide seamless terrains and how functions can be applied to these mosaic datasets to produce shaded relief displays, slope maps and hill shade displays.

Analysis tools were presented that gave attendees the understanding of how to obtain the actual elevation above ground of features, how slope can be applied to features such as roads and the intensity image can be extracted from the Lidar to provide a pseudo aerial photograph.

Gordon S.

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