Ozri Update: Stream B Session Snapshot

Ozri 2012 Update

Following this morning’s keynote presentation on GIS and cardiac health research, Claudia Retegan from the Royal College of Surgeons discussed another exciting application of GIS in the health arena.  Claudia discussed the College’s Victorian Audit of Surgical Mortality and its role in monitoring, analysing and reporting trends associated with potentially preventable surgical mortality.

Next up, Justin Sheppherd and Kim Gicasvili from Active Tree Services showcased their GIS-driven vegetation monitoring and management system – which takes vegetation maintenance planning, reporting and asset management to a whole new level.

Yih Pyng Lee extended the mobile GIS theme, discussing the mobile mapping application used by the Urban Search and Rescue team to rapidly capture damage assessments during an emergency event.   Using ArcGIS Mobile and ArcGIS Server technologies, the application enables damage locations to be captured, visualised, mapped and analysed with greater efficiency, providing decision-makers with critical information to prepare plans for recovery and rebuild.

Kim B.

To find out more about these presentations or topics, please contact us via email.

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