Ozri Update: Stream C Session Snapshot

Ozri 2012 Update

Kicking off our first Friday session was Nik Henry from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, discussing the Land Management Database System which is being used to standardise the spatial reporting of Natural Resource Management investment across NSW.  Since 2001 the system has undergone ad-hoc development and customisation driven by the user base, and has now progressed to a multi platform system that can be used in ArcMap, Dekho and an IOS Mobile App.

We then heard from Mark Cygan – who heads up the map, chart, data production, and SDI (MAPS) team at Esri – and is renowned as one of the world’s foremost authorities in spatial data.  Mark’s highly informative presentation discussed the collaborative approach to spatial data infrastructure (SDI), and provided the inside story on how Esri is tackling the issue of SDI.

Andy Stewart from Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources and Mines rounded out the session with a great presentation showcasing the role a paper-based cartographic product still plays in engaging government tiers and regional communities.  Andy took us through the seven month journey of the Interim Floodplain Assessment Overlay dataset and the completion of one of the largest mapping exercises ever undertaken; 8875 maps produced within the Esri ArcGIS environment at a cost of less than $1 per stream kilometre.

Shannon W.

To find out more about these presentations or topics, please contact us via email.

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