What’s new in ArcGIS Online: October 2012 update

This latest release of ArcGIS Online includes a number of important new features and enhancements. Here are some highlights:

Feature Service Management

We’ve improved the experience for managing data collection in hosted feature services. You can now create new, empty hosted feature services from existing feature service schemas. Creating these feature services will allow you to reuse your feature service schemas to collect new sets of data against an organisation-wide data collection template.  Learn more.

Map Viewer

Through the map viewer, you can now define new types of features and templates on your editable hosted feature services and save the updates back to the service. Learn more.

We also have new templates for creating web mapping applications: a configurable social media template and a simple map template for desktop, tablet, and phone use. These templates are available at the web mapping application gallery.

CityEngine Web Viewer

CityEngine Web Viewer allows you to view 3D city scenes using a web browser. These scenes are created with CityEngine Web Scenes in Esri CityEngine 2012 and then published and shared directly through ArcGIS Online.

Checkout the CityEngine Web Viewer group at ArcGIS Online to explore some examples. Learn more about CityEngine Web Viewer.

To find out more about ArcGIS Online visit our website or contact us on 1800 447 111.

Shannon W.

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