ArcGIS Online supporting Disaster Response in the Philippines

On Dec 5th (which coincidentally was World Volunteer Day!) UN OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) activated the Digital Humanitarian Network to collect and geotag all relevant tweets that contained video or images about Typhoon Pablo (Bopha).

The idea was to highlight areas most effected by the typhoon so first responders were efficiently deployed. A summary of the deployment can be found here.  As part of the exercise, The Standby Taskforce (one of the volunteer groups who joined the deployment) created a spreadsheet detailing the metadata for each tweet.

The resulting spreadsheet was saved as a .csv file and visualized using ArcGIS Online. This gave The Standby Taskforce a way to visually confirm the location of tweets, weed out incorrectly located tweets, and resulted in a more accurate representation of the data. You can access the map by clicking on the image below.

Pablo Crisis Map Twitter Multimedia

The videos and images related to each tweet are accessed by clicking on the “More info” link.

The SBTF is exploring different ways to visualize datasets like this one – if you have any ideas it would be great to hear from you!

Keera P.

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