Beyond graphs and charts: Esri Maps for Office

To all those that have been in the clouds…Esri Maps for Office is a free add-in for Microsoft Office 2010 and can be downloaded when an ArcGIS Online for Organisations subscription is purchased.

Don’t have an ArcGIS Online for Organisations account? Signing up for a free trial subscription will also make the Esri Maps for Office add-in available – as many of you have already discovered!

Esri Maps for Office was launched at the Esri User Conference in July 2012 under the banner of Spatial Analytics. This product is part of a suite of location analytics products, like Esri Maps for IBM Cognos and Microsoft SharePoint that deliver geospatial capabilities directly to your business systems. Watch these videos to see how location analytics can change the way you work!

Now let’s discuss how you can make Esri Maps for Office work for your organisation…

The Excel add-in is very simple to use and enables executives, managers and other non-spatial staff who are not necessarily skilled at GIS or creating maps to take control and feel like they’re in the GIS driver’s seat! Corporate data can be accessed using a spreadsheet and then combined with maps authored and published internally and hosted in ArcGIS Online.

Using maps that are made public to all ArcGIS Online users may also be used to create polished maps in Esri Maps for Office. Maps hosted in ArcGIS Online can be shared with certain groups within your organisation in order to maintain organisational security and privacy settings. You can also manipulate your own maps and view reports from a distinctly unique and new perspective, extending on the traditional methods of graphs and charts, to provide a whole new level of insight into business operations and strategies.

You can also share your reporting content from Excel to ArcGIS Online for reuse internally or to share with the public with the built-in Map and Layer sharing process. Administration of shared material is all controlled through ArcGIS Online.

ArcGIS Online maps can also be seamlessly consumed using PowerPoint, giving your static slide decks a new lease on life – well beyond a funky slide transition and some flying words.

To get your hands on a trial of Esri Maps for Office, download the 30 day free subscription to ArcGIS Online for Organisations.  You can also read more about the Esri Maps for Office add-in here.

And keep an eye out for some exciting news in the December 2012 release of ArcGIS Online!  Watch this space…

Andrew L

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