Directions 2013 – Coming of age in our profession

At Brisbane Directions 2013, 260 GIS professionals attended a celebration where GIS came of age. It was a chance to network and celebrate how GIS knowledge holders are being increasingly valued for helping organisations and industries discover business advantages through the use of GIS.

Geography as a Platform

simonDirections 2013 gave us the opportunity to see the power and customisation of platforms such as ArcGIS Online, Esri Maps for Office and Dekho. These tools allow every user, especially non-GIS professionals, a streamlined front-of-house experience enhancing their current information analysis and data sharing capabilities, anytime, anywhere.


Every component can play a key role in your everyday life …

City Engine presenter, Kellie, inspired us to take our 2D maps even further by generating high- quality 3D urban content. This specialisation enables conceptual design and modelling scenario analysis to be generated for on the fly ‘what ifs’ allowing decision-makers to easily view informed options.

We saw how easy it is to tell your own customised story fast and in your own style. Customising GIS products like ArcGIS Online allows organisations to display maps with more impact. Sharing this information with others is a powerful tool which is becoming increasingly necessary.

craigCraig from Queensland Land Use Mapping Program reflected on the evolution of cumbersome field data capturing devices, and presented the GIS solutions of today that make working in the field safe, easy and reliable. We were impressed with his demonstration showing the ease of editing in the field with a pen and tablet.

We learned about leveraging social media conversations, by capitalising on our existing mobile network design to allow meaningful data capture. We also heard about the traditional image data sourcing coming-of-age that provides high-resolution imagery, delivered in only 4-6 hours.

The Arcbar allowed attendees to address individual scenarios that GIS Professionals see on a daily basis while producing their brilliant final products.

Our take home message from Directions 2013 GIS technology is poised to be utilised by everyone, everyday. While peak loads can be high, organisations can be happy and confident that the service is scalable and robust to support fast and reliable information. We need to have confidence in the integration of future advancements in GIS. Our experience at Directions 2013 was a great way to learn more about these advancements within the GIS industry and we are already looking forward to Ozri 2013!

Dagmar P. and Pia K.

One thought on “Directions 2013 – Coming of age in our profession

  1. Will

    Was a great event. Good to see some CityEngine 3d, as well as Python and Mobile. Definitely took alot of tips back to the office.


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