Training that’s personal

With a new financial year on the horizon, now is an ideal time to start planning your training requirements and thinking about what training courses can help you get the most out of your current role. Esri Australia’s National Training Manager Kath Sund gives us a quick update on new training developments in the GIS space.

Esri Australia: Hi Kath, thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to chat to us. Can you tell us what’s been happening in the training world and what we can expect in the new financial year?

Kath: At the moment we’re focussing on expanding the course options we have available. GIS is such a wide field and we know a one-size-fits-all approach to training doesn’t really work. Different GIS professionals have different needs, so we’re investing a lot of time in helping clients understand what’s right for them and developing training courses that help meet their needs.

What’s got us really excited at the moment is customised training, where we tailor an existing training course to meet a client’s exact requirements. This is proving to be a popular choice for users that need to brush up on a skills set for a particular project they’re working on.

Not only can we provide training materials amalgamating different course chapters together, we can also build specific training materials for an organisation.  We have an experienced training team who can help users with their specific needs, and work out the best option for them.

EA: Why would a user take up a customised training option? What’s in it for them?

KS: Because all our clients have different needs, a standard approach sometimes isn’t the best option. With customised training, clients know they’ll get training that’s relevant and helps them meet their operational requirements.  It’s all about flexibility for users and making sure they get the skills they need. The courses can also include a workshop component, allowing the trainer to spend time working on specific workflows not covered in the training materials.

What about the Learning and Services Credits Program? How can this help organisations plan their training?  

KS: The lead-up to a new financial year is always a crazy time for larger organisations with budgets under scrutiny. Our Learning and Services Credits Program is ideal because it offers real flexibility. Clients can purchase training credits in the current financial year to use in the next financial year. There’s also flexibility in how they spend those credits – whether they prefer one of our GIS training courses, or dedicated time with our staff – the choice is up to them.

How have people responded to one-on-one training?

KS: Again, clients like the option because it gives them flexibility. With our Client Exclusive Training option, we provide training for up to 10 employees from an organisation at either their premises or one of our own training facilities. By focussing the course exclusively on the needs of one organisation, students receive quality time. Ultimately, this means a more cost-effective and targeted training option.


EA: Thanks Kath.

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