Summing up GIS in Defence & Intelligence week

The dust has now settled on a busy week of activities broadly dubbed our GIS in Defence and Intelligence week. Culminating in a full day of presentations and demonstrations last Friday the Esri Australia Defence and Intelligence team, with support from Esri Inc and Exelis VIS, took a look at how GIS is transforming the National Security sector.  

Esri Australia's Simon Hill and Esri Inc's John Day

Esri Australia’s Simon Hill and Esri Inc’s John Day

We looked at what it takes to create unity of action within and across agencies and gave some practical examples of what is being done globally. One of the topics we focused on was amphibious operations and the need to look at a new paradigm to meet the needs of commanders. Production of Littoral Planning Charts and Beach Landing Graphics is part of that new paradigm – bringing together topographic and hydrographic data in a timely and efficient manner.

A key take-home message from a forum with Senior Executives including Director DIGO, the Chief of Joint Operations and the Special Operations Commander Australia was “Get started today on creating the new tomorrow. Start small, innovate and continuously review.” While large projects exist to bring some capabilities to the enterprise, Defence can ill afford to wait the often lengthy timeframes until procurement is complete, as the pace of ICT evolution means they will be left behind. Success lies in also making the most of what’s available today.

Simon H

Manager Business Development – Defence and Intelligence Esri Australia

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