Just one more sleep until Ozri 2013!


With only one more sleep to go, the Ozri 2013 program is looking jam-packed with some incredible headliners!

Never before have we had such a technically diverse line-up of presenters. Some of our most anticipated Esri superstars include:


Bern Szukalski – Product Strategist and Technical Evangelist:
Bern will walk you through the steps for success with ArcGIS Online. He will also discuss his latest project – the Living Atlas, and show you how to use Story Maps as an effective communication medium.


Ishmael Chivite – ArcGIS for Server Senior Product Manager:

Ismael will tell you what’s new in ArcGIS 10.2, introduce you Portal for ArcGIS, and show you how to web enable databases using ArcGIS.


Gert van Maren – Product Management Lead for 3D:
Gert will provide an insight into all things 3D and the GeoDesign story. He will also discuss working with 3D Analyst and CityEngine and show you how to do feature and volumetric analysis with 3D Analyst.

Ron Allum
We will also have a touch of Hollywood in our midst, with intrepid deep-sea adventurer Ron Allum taking us to a journey to the bottom of the ocean floor as he describes his latest underwater mapping project. Ron will also relive his record-breaking collaboration with Hollywood heavy-weight, Director James Cameron on the Deepsea Challenger.

And if that’s not enough, we’ll be following Alex Moss from ShipShapeSearchers around the Australian coastline as they look to uncover shipwrecks.

We can’t wait for Ozri! Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Check out the full program here and if you haven’t already done so – don’t forget to register!


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