Ozri 2013: Blast-off in Business Snapshot (Day 2)


After hearing so many great insights from Susan Powell and Francisco Urbina in this morning’s plenary, I was looking forward to hearing more about Locational Analytics. Susan and Cisco detailed the simple steps that an organisation can take to develop a Location Analytics strategy by leveraging the Esri platform. It was a fascinating presentation which really opened my eyes to the power of Location Analytics.

But that wasn’t the last we heard from Susan. She and her colleague Dave Kerr paired up for the second time today to show how easy it is to integrate the Esri platform with your existing business systems. Dave’s drew on his extensive experience with IBM Cognos which really shone through.

Following afternoon tea, Esri’s Ismael Chivite gave a presentation on Portal for ArcGIS – one of Esri’s most exciting releases this year which gives organisations the ability to host map centric content on their own infrastructure. While listening to Ismael one word stood out for me – FLEXIBILITY… Portal for ArcGIS will be a great option for organisations wanting to access maps and apps, but deploy this component from their own end.

We then heard from Michael Rhodes who recounted how Rhodes Management helped a major public utility merge the geospatial data from five separate public infrastructure entities in just 10 months. Given the scale of the exercise, this was truly a mind-blowing achievement.

To close out the day, AMEC’s Ross Chrystall explained how his organisation used Esri technology to develop an automated solution that produces Alignment Sheets in mere seconds. It was a perfect demonstration of the transformational capabilities of spatial technology.

After such a memorable day with so many great presentations, I can’t even imagine what’s in store for tomorrow. See you all at 9am sharp!

Sally H

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