Ozri 2013: Geospatial Galaxy Snapshot (Day 2)


What an action-packed afternoon in the Geospatial Galaxy! After a delicious lunch, our own Christopher Brown and Walter Simonazzi gave the database administrators among us some handy tips on how to support their workflows by configuring ArcGIS for Server’s unique Geodatabase technology.

Next up was Lacuna Resolve’s Kerrie Purcell who touched on how GIS technology is transforming how we prepare and respond to natural disasters. Kerrie’s presentation was a timely reminder of the role GIS will play as we look for better ways to manage the devastating impacts of these events.

Continuing with the emergency management theme, Gerrit van Burgel showed us how Landgate, the University of Western Australia and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services have developed the Aurora system – which predicts the spread of bushfires in real-time.

After a timely afternoon tea, Michael Harte from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, revealed how GIS is helping discover what’s endangering the bridled nailtail wallaby. Michael explained how a population density index was generated and described the importance of Vector and raster analysis techniques in the process.

Things went up a gear or two when Tim Price explained how RIA Mobile GIS is using ArcGIS Online to help remotely manage the Winter Challenge – an adventure race held in Tasmania’s Huon Valley.

John Hasthorpe and Simon Jackson closed out the Geospatial Galaxy for the day with a fascinating presentation on real-time GIS and just how to make sense of the ‘data deluge’. It really is amazing to think of the large number of sensors out there collecting all kinds of data and how it really is just the tip of the iceberg.

What a day! Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Stephen P

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