Ozri 2013: Plenary Snapshot


We kicked off day two of Ozri 2013 with an incredible plenary session. There was an undeniable buzz and energy about the place, creating a uniqueness of an excitement.

Plenary - 1To set the scene, our MC – ABC’s Beverley O’Connor – welcomed us to this year’s Ozri with the theme “A Spatial Odyssey”. She then introduced Managing Director of Esri Australia, Brett Bundock – who gave the audience one of his customary warm welcomes. Brett took us through what this year’s conference theme means to him – a GIS journey through WebGIS, which has opened up many new opportunities and capabilities with regards to data, analysis, management, and consumption – revolutionising the way we see GIS today.

And so, the journey begins…

Taking us back in time was curator, Dr Martin Wood from the National Library of Australia who showcased some of the world’s rarest maps. He took us on an incredible cartographic journey, showing us ancient maps with their accompanying stories.

Plenary - 2

Bringing us back to the twenty-first century was our first international Esri guest, Bern Szukalski! He walked us through ArcGIS Online and taught us how we can turn geography into geographic understanding.

Plenary - 3

We then dove a little deeper with underwater adventurer, Ron Allum – who recounted iconic director, James Cameron’s journey down the Mariner Trench as part of their Deepsea Challenger project.

Plenary - 4

Continuing on this underwater journey was Alex Moss from ShipShapeSearchers, who delivered a presentation on shipwreck hunting and the various classifications of wreckages.

Plenary - 5

After a short morning tea break, we returned to the plaza auditorium to see very own Josh Venman and Simon Jackson trying to outdo each other while presenting their top 10 highlights of ArcGIS 10.2. The duo battled as though it was a game of chess – equipped with bells and witty banter.

Plenary - 6

Last but not least was Francisco Urbina who described their ideal future city. Cisco was backed by a host of Esri and Esri Australia staff including Gordon Sumerling, Daniel Haipola, Ebony Wickramanayake and John Hasthorpe, as well as Esri’s Gert Van Maren, David Kerr and Susan Powell.

Plenary - 7

All in all it was an excellent start to day two of Ozri 2013. We’re looking forward to a jam packed afternoon and a spectacular gala dinner!


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