Ozri 2013: The Art of Cartography


Boring maps begone! Keera Pullman and I joined forces to cover different and innovative techniques that can be used for 2D and 3D cartography. There are always new and interesting ways to convey information in a spatial context, and when used effectively, help mapmakers tell a more powerful story.

For the two-dimensional portion, I focused on dynamic time-enabled data and mapping vector/distributional flows; two themes that allow for non-traditional display. Time-enabled data allows us to visualise change, and with the time-slider capability within ArcMap, it is possible to create the animation necessary to get an interactive map. Since ArcGIS Online also supports time-enabled data, I was also able to take these datasets and create a dynamic web map for our audience. We looked at the drive times from fire stations in Brisbane, as well as mapping global phenomena like earthquakes by their magnitudes.

Ebony - 1

In terms of mapping flows, I wanted to demonstrate the resources available in the Mapping Centre that help users take their maps to the next level. Using a variety of methods, it was possible to illustrate global wind patterns and recreate a historical coal distribution map that was originally drawn by hand in 1968.

Ebony - 2   Ebony - 3

Ebony - 4From a 3D perspective, Keera demonstrated how the combination of photorealistic elements with cartographic representations can create an augmented reality that truly changes the way we visualise 3-dimensional data.

She explained the different elements that need to be considered which include positioning, textures and transparency, as well as 3D labels and text.

Ebony - 5Keera showed some very effective implementation examples of these particular concepts, such as the LA metro map, an urban planning case, and another historical interpretation of Napolean’s March to Moscow

We hope that with all the demonstrated capabilities, the audience was able to take home some key techniques to enhance their mapmaking skills and tell their map stories in a more engaging way.

Ebony W

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