Ozri 2013: Blast-off in Business Snapshot (Day 3)


It was sad to think that this was the last day of Ozri 2013, but there was no time to reflect as we launched straight into an interactive panel discussion on the reality of life in the cloud

Linda Bengston and Josh Percival – two of the key architects behind Esri Australia’s ground-breaking Hosted Services solution then took the stage to discuss the increasing demand for hosted services that can be scaled up or down at short notice.

The post-morning tea session focussed solely on imagery as our second panel for the day kicked off a discussion on the changing role imagery is playing within organisations and what the future just might hold…

If there were any doubt with regards to how relevant imagery is today, they were well and truly put to bed shortly after when Esri Australia’s Gordon Sumerling and Ivan Ermoshkin showcased the power of ArcGIS as an image processing platform.

And just to ram home the point, Gordon was joined by Exelis’s Nigel Brown for a fascinating look at how LiDAR data can be used with optical data to map and assess coastal erosion.

To finish the afternoon, Bernie Szukalski showed us some great tips for leveraging the mapping capabilities of ArcGIS online, while our own John Hasthorpe and Simon Jackson reminded us how real-time GIS is giving organisations added flexibility by allowing them to make decisions on-the-spot.

It capped off a great day all round – can’t believe Ozri is over for another year!!


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