Ozri 2013: Geospatial Galaxy Snapshot (Day 3)


After a spectacular debut in yesterday’s plenary, Esri’s City Engine supremo Gert van Maren kicked off day two in the Geospatial Galaxy with an insight into the mesmerising capabilities of 3D Analyst and CityEngine. It was amazing to see just what City Engine can do – one of the highlights of Ozri 2013 IMO!

Andrew Lewin was next up with a presentation on how Bestrane developed RouteSmart for ArcGIS – an application which combined Esri technology and NAVTEQ mapping to help a key client improve efficiencies by reducing the number of routes and total service time.

Townsville City Council’s Ken Melchert then described how TCC used ArcGIS 3D Analyst and CityEngine to deliver the requirements of its new Spatial 3D Modelling and Visualisation Strategy.
Straight up after lunch was Esri’s Bernie Szukalski with some useful tips on how to share maps and apps more effectively and get the most out of ArcGIS Online. Listening to Bernie, made me think of how fortunate we were to have him sharing his knowledge right here with us at Ozri.

Not content with just one presentation, Get backed up again in the afternoon for an advanced session on feature and volumetric analysis with 3D Analyst. Gert explained how new geoprocessing tools can be used for volumetric shadow analysis to solve complex 3D problems.

We then heard from Rob Bischof who explained how Queensland Urban Utilities used a number of group-based workshops to develop and cost a GIS business case which reflected its vision and budget constraints.

It was then on to Full Extent’s Tim Birdsall for a look at how The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage made it possible for the general public to get their hands on previously inaccessible data and documents for the NSW coastline.

Our afternoon ended with an informative look at the new features of ArcGIS 10.2 from Ismael Chivite and Keera Pullman, before all three of our Esri rockstars – Gert, Bernie and Ismael Chivite – took part in an informative Q&A session on all things Esri.

The quality of the speakers at Ozri 2013 has been quite extraordinary and I’m sure you’ve enjoyed hearing from all of them, as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you!


One thought on “Ozri 2013: Geospatial Galaxy Snapshot (Day 3)

  1. Len Olyott

    What a great conference. Thank you to all our clients for showing their support and letting us share with you on this Spatial Odyssey.


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