Ozri 2013: Increase Productivity Using ENVI Image Analytics in the ArcGIS Ecosystem


Nigel Brown from Exelis and I, have just completed our presentation highlighting the power of the ENVI Image Analysis software.

Nigel presented on how ENVI can be used to study the effects of sea level rise on coastal erosion using combination of lower resolution optical data, such as Landsat Imagery, combined with precise LiDAR data.

As an extension of this, I presented on how GeoEye Imagery can be used in ENVI to assess beach access sites. Both solutions illustrated how Exelis have developed workflow driven tools which guide the user through the analysis of the imagery inside ENVI.

We also outlined how ENVI passes its results to ArcGIS using the ENVI and ArcGIS integration tools.

The partnership between Esri and Exelis was also highlighted through the number of integration points between ArcGIS and ENVI and the simplicity in which ENVI can be used to analyse imagery data for use in ArcGIS.

Gordon S

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