Ozri 2013: Planet GIS Snapshot (Day 3)


After an amazing Gala Dinner last night there were some bleary-eyed people heading straight for the coffee stands this morning. But a spectacular line-up of presenters in the Planet GIS stream was just the tonic to get us all going for the final day of Ozri 2013…

First up was Esri Australia’s Peter Corlett and Ebony Wickramanayake, who showed how a number of new features in the Spatial Statistics toolbox such as Optimised Hot Spot Analysis and regression analysis can reduce subjectivity when presenting spatial information.

We then learnt about best practices for managing data and editing workflows from Keera Pullman and Tariro Muzangaza, who demonstrated the important role new functionality plays in increasing efficiency.

After morning tea, we heard how Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) deployed ruggerdised mobile devices while responding to ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald earlier this year. Len Olyott and Kym Jackway told us how the devices allowed crews to receive updates in real-time while out in the field, improving their overall response.

Sticking with the disaster theme, QFRS’s Graeme Hall described how his organisation currently uses ArcGIS mobile technology to collect and distribute initial intelligence from the field. Graeme also reflected on a recent search and rescue exercise in Switzerland in which QFRS used its Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA) system.

When then heard from Simon Best at Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd who ran through some examples of how ArcGIS Mobile can be deployed in multiple departments within an organisation to achieve varying outcomes.

It was fitting that Esri’s own Ismael Chivite closed out the afternoon with a presentation on the increased support for spatially enabled databases in ArcGIS 10.2. Ismael demonstrated how to create web services on top of a database map and analyse data from multiple platforms.

And so ends an unbelievable couple of days on Planet GIS. I wish we had more time here!

Stephen P

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