Top 10 in 10.2

ozri-2013-blog-banner.jpg Josh and myself were asked to do a presentation on our personal favorite things in 10.2.  The catch was, we had to do this presentation in ten minutes…

There is a lot of new functionality in the 10.2 release, so the first task was to decide between us what we should squeeze into the short presentation. Josh finds things like SQL, JSON and Enterprise Security fascinating.  Maybe I am missing out in life, but I am more of a fan of imagery, 3D GIS and the new exciting capabilities of being able to map out live data onto beautiful looking basemaps.  After much “discussion” we decided to take five minutes each and just bounce back and forth between our demonstrations.

I kicked things off with outlining how the 10.2 installers have the intelligence built into them to upgrade your 10.1 Desktop/Server for you without needing to uninstall.  Josh followed up with a neat demo showing how you can now do simple editing with a feature service and no ArcSDE in the mix.  I cracked on with a much better demo on the new CityEngine toolset and how you can export your ArcScene document to a webscene and deploy this to ArcGIS Online. Josh went on to bore us explain the great new security enhancements, such as federated authentication for ArcGIS Online and public key infrastructure (PKI).  I then showcased how the new 64bit background processing component in ArcGIS Desktop can crunch through your processing quicker, followed by Josh highlighting the export to excel tools in ArcGIS.  With the help of the Landsat imagery hosted by Esri, I was able to show off the improved support for Image Services in ArcGIS Online.  ArcGIS Portal is an impressive offering at 10.2 and Josh did a good job of explaining it in one minute.  I then did my best to try and explain/demo the exciting new GeoEvent Processor extension for ArcGIS Server and Josh wrapped things up with a quick chat on the free developer plans for ArcGIS Online.

Hope everyone enjoyed the presentation and enjoy the rest of the conference!


Plenary - 6

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