Training courses to see you through the end of 2013

While 2013 is starting to wind down, our training offerings continue right throughout December. From intermediate training on the ArcGIS platform, to more advanced geodatabases courses –  the training options below are a worthwhile investment If you’re looking to take your GIS skills to the next level.

ArcGIS courses
Editing data using ArcGIS – Perfect for GIS specialists and experienced ArcGIS users, this course teaches you methods for accurately creating and maintaining data stored in a geodatabase.

Designing maps using ArcGIS – If you want to learn how to create attractive maps that your audience can easily understand and interpret, this is THE course for you. We’ll show you how by following a standard cartographic workflow, you can create high-quality maps for both print and online use.

Geodatabase courses
Implementing Versioned Workflows in a Multiuser Geodatabase – In this advanced geodatabase course, we explore a variety of versioned editing workflows. You’ll also discover how versioning decisions impact data accuracy and database performance.

Distributing Data Using Geodatabase Replication – This course is designed for those who need to incorporate geodatabase replication into their organisation’s business and versioned editing workflows. You’ll learn about best practices for protecting the integrity of your production database, as well as how to meet the needs of desktop, mobile, and online users.

As always, make sure you take a look at our training schedule for dates in your nearest capital city, and remember – you can always contact us if you’d like to discuss an alternative time.

Kath S.

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