The added training benefits of maintenance…

As the National Training Manager, I’m often asked by clients if it’s worth signing up to Esri Australia’s maintenance program. While access to new software updates and GIS technical support are big drawcards, maintenance also offers excellent benefits when it comes to training:

Discounted training services
If you’re part of the maintenance program, you’re automatically entitled to a 10 per cent discount on Esri Australia’s training services. So whether you want to attend one of our regular courses or customise a special training offering for your organisation – you can always access this special rate. Best of all, there’s no usage limit, so the savings can really add up throughout the year.

Booking discounted training
Here are some quick and easy steps to help you take advantage of the special rate:

  1. Select your course from the GIS Courses page or Training Schedule page.
  2. When on the course page, scroll down to the registration form and select your city and course date from the drop down box.
  3. Under Account Type, click “Organisation”.
  4. Under Rate Type, click “Maintenance” and enter your “Customer Number” (remember: to select “Maintenance”, or you won’t be able to access the discounted rate).
  5. Enter your Company and Contact details and click the blue confirmation button. You should then receive an email confirming your registration.
  6. Once your training course has been confirmed, you will then receive another email with further course information.

Other maintenance benefits
As well as getting your first year of maintenance free, you also receive the latest software updates direct from Esri. The next Desktop version of ArcGIS (version 11) is set for release in 2014, and all maintenance clients are automatically eligible to download the new release. 

As a maintenance client, you can also access Esri Australia’s Technical Support services over the phone (1800 447 111), via email or through the website from anywhere in Australia. Not only can our GIS experts diagnose and help solve your technical issues, but with your permission – they can also remotely view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to find a solution.

Happy holidays!
Although the year is nearly at a close I’m already looking forward to announcing some exciting new initiatives in 2014 that will add even more flexibility to your training needs.

Remember – if there’s a course you’d like to attend which isn’t listed in the schedule, please let us know, so we can register your interest, and look at booking the course for you.

I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Kath S.

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