OSIsoft and Esri – a new force in real-time GIS

Whether it’s a sporting event, a natural disaster or a key political debate – information streaming to us from live news broadcasts is always the most compelling. On-the-ground analysis from reporters gives us insights and context to the images captured by the camera crew, while an in-studio panel of journalists often use this information to predict how the event might unfold and what critical decisions could influence further outcomes.

In much the same way, live broadcasting the performance of your organisation’s assets and data and effectively managing events that impact your operations is the foundation of the work between OSIsoft and Esri.

OSIsoft is a company that specialises in the management of real-time data and events for operational, manufacturing and business data – enabling users to make decisions in real-time.

We here at Esri have recently joined forces with OSIsoft to provide a platform for real-time GIS by seamlessly integrating operational data management and GIS technology. For those operating in Utilities and Mining – it’s a technical solution which offers real benefits by enabling users to both visualise and analyse operations geographically in real-time at unprecedented levels of detail and scale.

Using jointly developed pre-built connectors between OSIsoft’s Asset Framework and Esri’s own GeoEvent Processor, organisations can create multiple channels to broadcast real-time information such as:

  • Lightweight operational dashboards with performance metrics updated live and;
  • Web applications which allow users to dive into the rich data available in OSIsoft’s PI system using geographic queries to extract relevant events to mobile devices and Business Intelligence and CRM applications (see screenshot below).


The ability to create your own internal channels for geo-enabled OSIsoft data is an essential step for going beyond post-event analytics and building the foundation of real-time analytics which can transform the performance of your organisation’s assets.

Want to know more?
If you’d like to experiment with this exciting new capability, the code for both the connectors and a sample web client is freely available and open sourced on the OSIsoft virtual campus. Very soon you’ll be able to access new connectors which will provide support and maintenance certainty, along with the rapid deployment and flexibility that the vcampus code library offers today.

Francisco U.

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