A golden ticket to a global audience at the Esri UC

As a recent graduate I can attest to the competitive nature of jobs in the GIS industry – with several hundred applying for the inaugural graduate program here at Esri AustraliaI have recently heard several GIS industry experts discuss this challenge at the SSSI Young Professionals workshop, where marketing ‘Brand YOU’ was seen as vital to landing your dream job. While sitting an Esri technical certification exam can be a useful point of difference on your job application, I want to share an exciting opportunity that will truly make you a standout candidate. The Esri Young Scholars Award is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase your research to the largest GIS gathering in the world – the Esri International User Conference (Esri UC).


The Esri UC takes place between the 14th – 18th of July in San Diego this year and brings together more than 15,000 geospatial experts from around the world to learn about real-world applications of GIS, showcase the latest advancements in the ArcGIS Platform and share ideas among like-minded individuals. Esri founder Jack Dangermond will be on hand to meet the Australian university recipient of the Esri Young Scholars Award, an opportunity that last year’s recipient Rodolfo Espada said was, “a truly unique experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity”.


The Esri Young Scholars Award will be judged by a local panel of experts including Esri Australia’s own managing director Brett Bundock based on innovation, real-world relevancy, application of Esri technology and technical merit. Entry is open nation-wide to undergraduate and postgraduate students who are currently studying at an Australian university in the area of geospatial science. While entries are open to any field of study, research related to agribusiness, business, community, conservation, disaster response, education and energy are recommended. If the opportunity to meet the founder of Esri alone has got your attention then start completing your entry form now before the last boarding call to San Diego on the 11th of April.

Be sure to utilise the Esri Australia Young Scholars Award resources page for more information about how to apply.

Good luck with your application and fingers crossed – this golden ticket will not only see you winning your way to the Esri UC but also ensure you standout in the competitive GIS job market with an Esri Young Scholars Award in hand.

Seth Gorrie

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