Jumpstart your career in GIS with a trip to the Esri User Conference

Now a year into my graduateship at Esri Australia, I cannot help but look back on what an incredible time of growth I have experienced professionally. I’ve been given the opportunity to meet and work with talented GIS specialists on fun and interesting projects using the ArcGIS platform such as the Channel 7 Election Maps, interesting story maps and many other projects.  As a current student, I am sure you’re looking towards next year and wondering where your GIS degree is going to take you.


Attending the Esri User Conference (Esri UC) as an Esri Australia Young Scholar, will certainly help you get your career into high gear! Can you ever remember meeting with thousands of GIS employers at once? No? Me either. At the Esri UC you will not only be given the opportunity to present your work at the world’s largest spatial conference but meet Esri President and Founder, Jack Dangermond. This is sure to bring a highlight to any career and a boost to your job search!

esri uc

You will also get the chance to hear and learn about the latest advancements in GIS from experts and; you, as a Young Scholar, will also have the opportunity to jumpstart your career in GIS by meeting with spatial professionals from all over the world including some of the Esri Australia team. Don’t believe me? See what last year’s winner had to say about his experience!

So how can you make it happen? Dust off all of those assignments you have been working on and come dazzle our expert panel by showcasing your best research, creative story map or maybe even an innovative web application. The deadline to submit is April 11th.  You can submit by following this link.


So get moving and apply today, who knows where this adventure will take you (hint: it may be San Diego)!P.S. Don’t forget your sun cream!

Pia K.

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