Extend your training dollar this new financial year

To help you plan your training requirements for the coming financial year, I thought I’d share a tip on how you can get the most value from the budget you’ve been assigned.

A common problem we hear from users is difficulty breaking through the administrative and budgetary red tape when it comes to getting training courses approved.

To address this issue, we introduced the Learning and Services Credit program, which gives you a flexible means to budget for training and Professional Services throughout the year.

Similar to a gift voucher, Learning and Services Credits are purchased as a one-off payment for your yearly training and services requirements. These credits can then be redeemed multiple times throughout the year, eliminating any red tape that may sometimes surround the training approval process.

The benefits of Learning and Services Credits include:

  • Single purchase – you just need to raise one requisition for all your training needs, so the administrative time and effort required to obtain individual training approvals is largely eliminated.
  • Greater flexibility – if you don’t know which courses you want to undertake just yet, it’s no problem. You can schedule courses at any time and select options that suit your staff’s needs when they are ready.
  • Broad training access – you can choose from a range of training options to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

You can use your credits on a number of Esri Australia’s training options; including:

  • Client site and client exclusive courses –  this is customised training, for a maximum of 10 people, that matches the goals of your organisation’s training plan. The courses are held at a time and location that best suits you and the class is based on the software version you currently have implemented.
  • Knowledge transfers – designed for a maximum number of two attendees, this intensive training session covers only the information the individual(s) require. Bring along examples you face daily and have a leading Esri certified trainer talk through best practice techniques and possible short cuts.
  • Workshops – these half-day interactive short courses are customised to the requirements of the attendees.
  • Floor walker – have an Esri GIS expert sit with your staff on-site and talk through day-to-day issues. We can provide you with hands-on training and support, and even suggest improvements to your current processes and procedures.
  • Scheduled training – Every year, we have over 250 scheduled GIS training courses, covering training for beginners right through to the most advanced users. These training courses are ideal for up-skilling individual staff members at a cost effective price.

As you can see – using your Learning and Services Credits to access any of these training options ensures your organisation’s most valuable asset – your workforce – is continually increasing its GIS knowledge, improving workplace efficiency and advantage.

If you would like more information on the Learning and Services Credit program, please contact your personal Business Development Manager and they will answer and questions you may have. Or, if you would like some more information on the best courses to attend, just send an email to the training team.

Isabel D.

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