Recap of Sydney Directions 2014: real-time, 3D, mobile, spatial analysis and more!

With the last of our clients heading home after Sydney Directions, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on Directions 2014.


The morning started with how ArcGIS is a platform for your organisation. I know this is something that you have been hearing from us for a while now, but with the addition of new data formats, such as real-time, and the coming addition of 3D being available to us anywhere, anytime and on any device, and an ability to be offline – this statement is more true than ever before.

The rest of the day really focused on how we can effectively manage our organisation’s datasets, understanding these new data types, and looking at fast and configurable apps and templates available to you right now. So many tips and tricks, and a few that I will be using as well.

I shouldn’t forget to mention the session on spatial analysis – Ebony and Nathaniel did a great job looking at many of the different types of spatial analysis and the techniques we can all use. There were tips and tricks for ModelBuilder in there – especially around using iterators – if you haven’t tried them yet they are worth looking into! They also covered off LiDAR and even geometric networks! And we can expect to see even more spatial analysis at Ozri later this year.

To end the day Josh and I shared some of the exciting elements of the Road Map for ArcGIS – including ArcGIS Pro – a new interface for GIS professionals that combines so many of the features that we have all been asking for – fast display, integrated 2D and 3D displays, multiple layouts – and 64-bit processing! We also showcased the new Web App Builder – making it possible for even someone like me with no coding skills to create slick web apps in less than 3 minutes. We also looked at the improvements to 3D and Offline mobility.

It was a big day!

As many of you know my passion is Desktop and 3D, so seeing all of the pieces of the puzzle come together to solve so many different business needs is exciting – and it’s only going to get more exciting as we work towards Ozri 2014!

Kellie P.

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