Highlights of Hobart Directions 2014

Last Friday took us to the final stop in the Directions Tour: Hobart! It was a great way to wrap things up as we had our biggest ever turn out in the city.

Throughout the tour we have been trying to get GIS users to develop their skills; make better use of the software they have; and to increase awareness of the time-saving configurable apps that are available.

So here is a quick rundown of what happened:

Technical Content

Josh Venman kicked things off with an overview of the ArcGIS platform and its various configurations. In this he demonstrated the power of the platform and illustrated the power of real-time data by pulling his IPhone sensor data into an Operations Dashboard.

Ebony then went on to highlight the fact that in many cases GIS professionals are moving into curator roles. She then showed how ArcGIS platform makes it easier to create and share authoritative content across the organisation and beyond.

I wrapped up the first morning session by sharing a number of new workflows – I showed attendees how to work with real-time data and configure Operations Dashboards, configure web maps for offline use, and start working with 3D data.

Post break, the Esri trio returned with a session on building story maps from me; a deep dive into the depths of Spatial Analysis using ArcMap from Ebony, and a final road ahead session (detailing what’s to come!) from Josh.

Client Presentations

We also had a couple of great client presentations. First, Luke Paine from TasWater delivered ‘A GIS based Project Management Solution for Water Meter Replacements’ in which he showed us how ArcGIS and Dekho were used to manage the installation of 60,000 water meters across Southern Tasmania.

Then we heard from Ernst Kemmerer and Mark Wisniewski from Cradle Coast NRM. They showed us how they have been using ArcGIS Online Story Maps and Groups to push out project based content to users in their organisation and the public. Both presentations were extremely well received.


Of course the day was wrapped up with a networking function and drinks and great conversation!

So to wrap up, I challenge you to ‘Think Big’ and ‘Do More’ with the Esri software that you have access to. By exploring the functionality and sharpening those GIS skills you will find that you can work more efficiently, become more valuable to your organisation and achieve great things.

If you did make it to Directions 2014 – thank you for attending. You have helped to make this our biggest and best Directions tour yet. If you enjoyed your experience, then make sure you come along to Ozri this year in Adelaide, 1-3 October, for much more.

John H.

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