ArcGIS Marketplace, tech hub for ArcGIS Online

Late last year Esri launched a place for our partners to host their hard work – the ArcGIS Marketplace.

When I talk about partners, I’m talking about organisations which are part of the Esri Partner Network – an ecosystem of innovative GIS and IT professionals who are pushing the boundaries of the technology and extending the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Marketplace is a one-stop shop for our partners to showcase their apps and data to the global Esri community.  It is an easy way for any ArcGIS user to access partner solutions via their ArcGIS Online Organisational Plan.

This month, Full Extent launched the first locally developed ArcGIS Marketplace App – Geo-Publisher.


Geo-Publisher augments ArcGIS Online to help website administrators create compelling information products directly within a Content Management System (CMS) from the content stored in ArcGIS Online.

With Geo-Publisher, Full Extent has simplified the process of tying content together – whether it is imagery, charts, text or interactive maps. Geo-Publisher is a bridge allowing you to build compelling information products and easily disseminate that content throughout the organisation – internally and externally. They’ve made it easier to connect your CMS with ArcGIS.

Keep an eye on the ArcGIS Marketplace for more apps and data services from the Esri Partner Network and look for the opportunities to extend the work you do. Remember, configure before customisation will deliver a user centric experience that makes the awesome work you do every day more valuable.

Laura B.

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