Coming soon – My Esri

The Esri Customer Care Portal is undergoing some changes. From 2 July, it will become My Esri – a user-friendly portal that provides you with easier access to your account and licensing information.

In terms of how you will be impacted – the way that you use and access the site will stay the same.

You will be able to log in to My Esri using your existing Customer Care Portal username and password – and you’ll still have access to all your software and licensing information.

We’ll be emailing all Australian Esri users on maintenance with more information regarding My Esri in the coming weeks – so stay tuned.

My Esri is the first-step in streamlining our users’ online experience. Ultimately we are striving to deliver more efficient, user-friendly access to all Esri platforms.

If you have any questions regarding the My Esri changeover, please contact our Customer Support team on 1800 447 111.

Casey S.

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