Pick and mix chapters to match your learning needs

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to training. To address this, we have developed an easy and efficient system that customises training to match your learning requirements – the condensed course builder.

As I’m sure you already know – software training is vital to ensuring you extract the greatest value from your investment. It enables you to learn short cuts, best-practice use, among a host of other tips and tricks related to your software package.

However, the value of training can diminish quickly if the course offers some new information, but is peppered with information you have already learned. In these circumstances a customised course using the condensed course builder would be a more practical use of your time.

Exclusive to Esri Australia, the condensed course builder allows you to pick and choose only the chapters you wish to learn – giving you maximum value for your training dollar.

The benefits include:

  • Time: Your staff won’t be listening to information they’ve heard before, or that doesn’t apply to their current position.
  • Cost: Not only are you getting more ‘bang for your buck’, because you’re only paying for the chapters you want, but you can condense a three-day course into two days. This saves the cost of one day of training, and the cost of losing a staff member for that additional day.
  • Advancing ahead: As long as you have met all of the prerequisites, you are able to blend different ‘scheduled courses’ into one, accelerating your ArcGIS learning.  The condensed course builder gives you the opportunity to learn ArcGIS I: Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows at the same time, or ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows and ArcGIS III: Performing analysis in one session.

The condensed course builder process is simple. Each chapter has been allocated a set of key words that describes what will be learnt in that chapter. If you think this lesson would be beneficial, type ‘Yes’ in the designated column. The total number of chapters and duration of the course is automatically calculated to give you the length of the course.

You have the power to customise the course, depending on the time you have – and the funds available. An experienced Esri trainer will review the chapters chosen and include any prerequisites lessons.

Condensed Course builder

The condensed course builder can be applied to our entire range of scheduled courses, and can be delivered through a variety of training options, including: knowledge transfers, client-site courses and client-exclusive courses.

If you would like more information on the condensed course builder and the best courses to attend, please email the training team.

Isabel D.

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