Ozri 2014

ArcGIS Marketplace: an Introduction

Browse the aisles of the ArcGIS Marketplace

Introducing the ArcGIS Marketplace – all you need is an ArcGIS Online login and you can discover, trial and purchase apps and data that extend your use of ArcGIS.

This afternoon, Stephen and I presented an introduction to the ArcGIS Marketplace, however you could say our “demo” started during the plenary this morning. Operation Organic used two ArcGIS Marketplace apps, Collector for ArcGIS  and Operations Dashboard .

There are a number of Esri developed apps worth looking at, including Esri Maps for Office soon to be released ArcGIS Pro and Snap2Map from Esri labs.

The ArcGIS Marketplace also includes apps developed by our Esri Partner Network including Airbus and Cityworks, but there is also some home-grown talent. Stephen Lead from our partner Full Extent joined me this afternoon to showcase our first locally developed ArcGIS Marketplace app – Geo-Publisher.

Geo-Publisher makes it easier to connect your organisation’s content management system (CMS) to ArcGIS. Geo-Publisher makes it easier to tie information together, whether it’s imagery, charts, text or interactive maps. This is a perfect example of how ArcGIS Marketplace apps have become part of enterprise workflows, and support business decision making.

Now, to be honest, it was hard to choose a short list of apps to show you this afternoon. Best thing to do is grab your ArcGIS Online login and discover ArcGIS Marketplace.

Laura B

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