Ozri 2014

How to build an operational dashboard: step-by-step

Ready, steady, web maps! In 30 minutes or less

What have you achieved recently in just half an hour?

Watched another repeat of The Simpsons?

Queued in the rain for a cab?

Cooked up a three-course Jamie Oliver banquet?

Well, Christopher Brown and I have just demonstrated how you can build and configure an Operations Dashboard – from start to finish – in 30 minutes. And there were no dirty dishes to take care of at the end!

I think the most exciting thing about the Operations Dashboard is that it no longer takes a GIS expert or developer to set up a professional and intuitive application, designed especially to distil and communicate information to executive level staff. It can very easily be configured to provide real-time updates of activity and daily operations within your organisation, providing the opportunity for decision-makers to respond to changing situations quickly.

Our dashboard was set up to provide key insights into environmental data collected by our field crew using the Collector for ArcGIS mobile application. If you caught Christopher’s excellent Collector presentation with Kym Jackway you would’ve seen this process in action.

The first step to creating our dashboard was to build a web map containing our vegetation data and optimise it for display. Once happy with that, it was a simple matter to create a new Operations Dashboard and load the web map as our first widget. Christopher then showed us how to use a combination of widgets to extract and summarise the relevant information from our data. There are plenty of widgets available out of the box, but as Christopher demonstrated with the Table and Search widget, you can find additional add-ins for download on GitHub.

And that is really all there is to it. By the end of our demo we had a slick and informative dashboard, without having to write a scrap of code.

If you haven’t already tried it out, the Operations Dashboard is available as a free download. All you need is an ArcGIS Online, or Portal for ArcGIS account, to build and host your web maps. Have fun building your own!

Kate L

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