Ozri 2014

Welcome to ArcGIS Pro

We can all be ArcGIS Pro(s) with this new desktop application

ArcGIS ProArcGIS Pro is the newest member of the desktop family and the product of user feedback, requests and desired functionality. This is the first 64-bit Esri desktop application and the next generation of ArcGIS for Desktop.

What you saw today are just some of the highlights that this new application has to offer. Kellie explored the new user interface with multiple views and layouts. We looked at how easy it is to create great maps with the intuitive dynamic ribbons that only show us the tools we need when we need them.

Kellie also showed us Tasks, the pre-configured steps that guide you and others in your organisation through a workflow or business process. Tasks can be used to implement a best-practice workflow or to create a series of interactive tutorial steps.

While I led you through how we can edit and view 3D and 2D data at the same time in the one application, we now have the power of two applications in the one place. We also looked at what we can do with raster data and some great analysis.

ArcGIS Pro will be part of the Desktop 10.3 release due later this year. But for those of you keen to get your hands on this great new application, Beta is currently available from this website – http://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app – sign in using your ArcGIS Online for Organisations account.

Kym J

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