Ozri 2014

Solutions for Streamlining your Production Workflows

Ready, set, go! It’s time to streamline your production workflows

As we sprint towards the end of Ozri, Kellie and I just completed our presentation highlighting fast and quick ways to solve your production workflows.

I kicked off the presentation with various efficient editing techniques, focusing on some of the key takeaways with Esri Production Mapping’s Feature Manager, which shares similar characteristics with the ArcGIS for Desktop Create Features and Attributes windows. However, there is additional functionality that Feature Manager brings to the table that helps you implement more efficient editing workflows, including the ability to create custom feature templates and on-the-fly validation. Kellie then presented to the audience the ability to implement much of your editing workflows with ArcGIS Task Assistant Manager. Task Assistant Manager allows you to create step-by-step instructions for performing various GIS tasks or workflow processes and standardise the completion of a task.

Enterprise FlowAfter discussing efficient methods to reduce time spent creating your data, I transitioned onto solutions to evaluate the quality of this new data using the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension. To produce high quality map products and perform accurate data analysis, your source database must be of high quality and well maintained. Data Reviewer allows you to manage your data in support of data production and analysis. Data Reviewer provides a complete system for automating and simplifying data quality control, which can quickly improve the integrity of your data.

Adelaide Fun Run

Following on from Data Reviewer, Kellie discussed enterprise cartography to ensure you maintain consistency of your maps and map products across your organisation. Next, I introduced Esri Production Mapping’s graphic table element, which allows you to create dynamic, data driven tables in your map layout. Additionally, I showed to the audience steps to configure layout rules to ensure that map elements in your map layout align correctly across your organisation.

We wrapped up our presentation with a very relevant quote from Henry Ford: “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”

Andrew W

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