Ozri 2014

Spatial analysis on the fly: working with the ArcGIS Online

Spatial analysis using ArcGIS Online

The process of spatial analysis has taken on a new twist with ArcGIS Online’s constantly evolving capabilities in geoprocessing. By enabling an easy interface for spatial analysis through web maps, it’s now possible to empower non-technical people to do their own analysis without having to learn ArcMap. In addition to that, with the web-based options, users are no longer limited by the requirements for high-spec desktop installations.

In terms of administration, it was briefly covered that a user will need to be allowed particular privileges by the site administrator to carry out spatial analysis, which may consume credits.

During my talk, we discovered the different types of analysis and geoprocessing available within ArcGIS Online as well as how to carry out a workflow using those tools.

ArcGIS Online

Using some of Adelaide’s freely available health data, we had a look at indicators such as the prevalence of diabetes by SLA. Using the tools available, we were able to do simple data management using the Merge Layers function, look at trends with Optimised Hot Spot Analysis, understand proximity to hospitals, medical centres and pharmacies by creating Walk Catchments, and counting how many medical facilities there are per SLA using the Aggregate Point functions.

We were also able to take a quick look at the levels of physical activity within the population, and determine if there were sufficient options in terms of outdoor recreation areas and tracks in areas with low activity.

ArcGIS Online now provides tools that really allow anyone to start discovering their spatial data. New functionality is always being added with every new release, making web-based geoprocessing a truly viable option for different workflows.

Ebony W

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