Seven ways GIS training can make you more valuable to your organisation

GIS training isn’t just about improving your own technical skills – it’s also about helping you become a more valuable asset to your organisation. Here, Esri Australia trainer Chris Sherwin looks at seven ways GIS training sessions can help you – and your organisation – gain new GIS skills that boost productivity and efficiencies.

1. Exposure to the latest GIS capabilities and functions

Training courses can quickly bring you up-to-speed with the knowledge you need to take advantage of new capabilities in the technology – such as using online tools and sharing data as hosted services – and make them work for you and your organisation. There are always new capabilities and functionality to be learnt with the ArcGIS platform; and by gaining experience and receiving professional coaching with these new capabilities, you help ensure your organisation is getting the most from its GIS investment.

2. Learn in a collaborative, interactive classrooms

Working in a classroom environment gives you the opportunity to have a full and dynamic learning exTanya Fleayperience. You can ask questions; see hands-on practical demonstrations – and also enjoy one-on-one time with your trainer.

The ‘exercise’ component of each course also gives you valuable ‘hands on’ experience, equipping you with practical skills that you can take back to your workplace. Ultimately, by learning in a collaborative, interactive class room, you can ensure you’re completely comfortable with the subject matter – and be more confident about applying your new learnings when you get back to the office.

3. Exchange knowledge with your peers

Training courses are a valuable opportunity to connect with your geospatial peers from other organisations, share your experiences and participate in group discussions. You’ll often find a class mate may have similar challenges to you – and talking through ideas in a group setting can lead to a swapping of tips, tricks and workflows. It means you’ll head back to your workplace not only with the information you expected to get – but also potentially with some solutions to problems you hadn’t even thought of.

4. Discover new ways of operating

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to get caught up using the same standard workflows and processes in your day-to-day job. Training courses are a good chance for you to take time away from your usual workflows – and try something completely new. You may discover a more efficient way of doing something; or a new avenue for the technology which can help solve a broader need within your organisation.

Chris Sherwin

5. Use your own data and workflows

Once you’ve had a chance to learn new skills, put them to the test by practicing with your organisation’s own data. When you participate in a training course, you have the option to practice using your organisation’s own data. This is a great opportunity to have our trainers help you maximise the understanding and value of the course via the datasets you work with and also means your organisation is getting a leg-up in using your new skills.

6. Customise your training needs

If your organisation has a particular need that must be met, or a workforce capability gap, you can create a tailored training solution to quickly fix this. Use our condensed course builder to pick and choose elements from relevant courses to make a course that’s a perfect fit for you – and ultimately help your organisation get even greater value from its training dollar. You can also create your own course for your organisation; or choose to receive one-on-one coaching – the opportunities are endless

7. Receive industry-recognised information

Esri certified trainers are up-to-speed on the latest developments of the platform, giving you the best opportunity to grow and broaden your GIS skills. This means you are working with approved course material, the skills you learn are industry recognised and your organisation will benefit from knowing its workflows are aligned with best-practice. You’ll also be able to bring Esri-approved course materials back with you – so you and your colleagues in the office have a credible reference tool.

To learn more about how you can use GIS training to become more valuable to your organisation, please feel free to get in touch with me or one of our other trainers.

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