Get to Know ArcGIS Pro

GIS trainer Richard Stokes will be conducting the first Esri Australia Directions Events Series webinar, Get to Know ArcGIS Pro, on 21 April 2015. The spatial enthusiast tells us what ArcGIS users will learn at the free session, and how they can continue to develop their skills in the future.

EA: Why has ArcGIS Pro created such a fuss in the GIS community?

Richard Stokes

Richard Stokes – Professional Services Consultant, Esri Australia

RS: A big selling point is the fact it’s a 64-bit, multithreaded application. It enables you to use all your computer’s memory, so if you’ve got incredibly large datasets – which a lot of people have – you can visualise them and do geoprocessing tasks a lot faster than you once could.

Things are happening synchronously, rather than asynchronously. It’s a more fluid tool to work with.

EA: You’re hosting a webinar on the application – what’s that going to involve?

RS: The ArcGIS Pro interface is very context driven, which is intuitive once you get used to it, but it can challenge people to begin with, so I’ll go through how all these dynamic things happen depending on what you’ve currently selected or what you’re hovering over. I look at how to combine 2D and 3D layouts, and the symbology side of things as well.

I’ll talk about the project structure, and all the different parts a project can hold. We’ll also look at using multiple maps and layouts, editing and analysis, introducing tasks – all sorts of features. ArcGIS Pro is going to constantly evolve, and this webinar gives users the chance to get the basic skills to evolve with it.

EA: Why should users attend?

RS: These custom modules offer a great way to learn without pulling you away from your regular work. Most companies are a lot more amiable to that as an idea. These bite-size content chunks are a little less intimating for beginners as well. You can really soak it all in; it’s a friendly, user-focused way to learn.

I’ll also have a partner with me taking questions during the course, which we’ll then respond to at the end. This gives users the chance to get technical answers almost instantly.

EA: And following the webinar, how can users continue to improve their skills with ArcGIS Pro?

RS: Ultimately, this will get people up to speed for the two-day course Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals, which will cover things in a lot more detail.

The good thing about doing one of these full training courses is that it gives you a sandpit to play in. If you break something, it can easily be fixed. For people that are tinkering around and want to see if they can stretch the software a little bit – by all means they can do so. There’s great freedom to explore the application, and that’s something they probably don’t have at work – the chance to play around and set things up.

Registration for the Get to Know ArcGIS Pro webinar opens Friday 27 March via the Esri Australia website.

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