Five minutes with an Esri Australia trainer – Daniela Bramante

Daniela Bramante - Senior Consultant, Esri Australia

Daniela Bramante – Senior Consultant, Esri Australia

Meet Daniela Bramante – one of Esri Australia’s Senior Consultants – and a specialist in developing workforce capability plans that help organisations achieve their operational goals. To give you a little more insight into Daniela, she spent five minutes in the hot seat answering all our questions. 

EA: Tell us about your role as a Senior Consultant for Professional Services at Esri Australia – what are you responsible for?

DB: I am a member of the training team where I am responsible for working with clients to create workforce capability plans and suitable training plans for organisations based on their internal roles and responsibilities. I am also involved in the development of new training methods and materials, mentoring members of the training team as well as delivering training to clients.

EA: What do you love most about your job?

DB: The variety of work and the opportunity to spend quality time with clients to implement best-practice GIS solutions. 

EA: How did you end up at Esri? What’s your career background?

DB: I worked as a geospatial analyst at the Department of Defence for several years before working in the utilities industry as a database administrator and manager. In both roles, I utilised Esri software and became quite fond of its capability. Joining Esri Australia was a natural progression for me.

EA: What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned since being in this role?

DB: I have learnt how easy it is to amaze people by creating fancy web apps with a few clicks of a button – no coding required – and to share these apps with everyone, not just GIS gurus.

EA: Why do you enjoy conducting training sessions?

DB: I love spending time with clients and seeing how they utilise ArcGIS software in their roles. I get a lot of enjoyment from showing course attendees a new technique that will help make their day job easier, more effective or even encourage them to learn more about the software’s full potential.

EA: What’s your advice to clients considering undertaking some training?

DB: The first stop is to visit the Esri Australia training website to familiarise yourself with the different types of training delivery methods available. We offer a lot more than the standard scheduled courses, including customised training, workshops and knowledge transfer sessions and are more than happy to work with clients to tailor our courses to their training needs. We are also about to step into the exciting world of virtual training.

EA: What Esri training course would you like to undertake – and why?

DB: CityEngine training – I have not had a chance to use the software yet, though it looks like fun.

EA: Outside of work – what’s your idea of fun?

DB: Good food, good wine and good company – even better if the backdrop is a winter playground and I have spent the day skiing.

EA: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

DB: I was picked from the audience to say “Goodnight Australia” on Young Talent Time back in the early 80’s – a very proud moment indeed.

EA: At Esri Australia – we’re all about geography! So where’s your favourite destination in the world?

DB: The Colorado Rocky Mountains – I spent four winters there in my youth and although I have skied in many other places, nothing compares to my first experience of steep, deep and fresh powder.

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