Ozri 2015 GIS Generations

Collector for ArcGIS: Beyond the basics

CollectorWell, I am exhausted  in a good way though…

Beyond the basics of Collector for ArcGIS in 40 minutes. We covered a lot of ground and hopefully didn’t lose too many people along the way.

The session was not meant to cover any one aspect in great detail, but rather, share some of the potential available through Collector for ArcGIS to do more for your field data collection solutions. Every aspect that we went through has been captured in Esri blog posts or tutorials and a full list of further reading is included in this post.

To recap: We explored how far Collector for ArcGIS has come in the few short years it has been around. Available as a free app from the iTunes App Store (for iOS devices) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices), the triumvirate is soon to be completed with the launch of the Windows 10 version of Collector for ArcGIS scheduled for later in 2015.

We explored taking maps and feature layers offline to support disconnected workflows. We also looked at how subtypes and domains can improve data management and enhance the field experience.

We also looked at support for related tables and how Collector for ArcGIS honours relationships between features and tables.

An exciting new feature is support for versioned data and taking that versioned data offline. This capability opens up a whole new world of data collection options especially for users that require support for networked datasets in the field.

Finally we discussed how Collector for ArcGIS works with our other essential apps, especially the linkage between Collector for ArcGIS and Navigator for ArcGIS which will support turn-by-turn navigation between jobs in a disconnected state making use of your own data.

Certainly it looks like Collector for ArcGIS has come of age and shows no signs of reaching a limit to its functionality as a capable, enterprise level, field collection application.

The question now, is what is stopping you from making the most of your ArcGIS platform?

Useful Links:

Esri blogs related to Collector for ArcGIS

Esri Australia Technical Blog on subtypes and domains

Offline Maps and versioned data

Take maps offline

Publish tiles

Len Olyott and Kym Jackway

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